After months of research via social and web, I can say that I have found great professionalism, courtesy and cleanliness unique to this SMP center in Milan.
Mens ink staff puts you at ease, answers questions very thoroughly, they are very friendly, and the work done is perfect.
I really liked the fact that he wanted to get involved by asking me what my ideal hairline was, and then designing a custom SMP job for me, I so appreciated the gesture.
Thank you and congratulations.

Marco Biffi

I have been a customer of Men's Ink for a year. After consulting several scalp micropigmentation professional in northern Italy and seeing their live work on real people, I chose the technique that Men's Ink offers. Debora Cetrulo performed the work for me. I had a Norwood 5A scale AGA. With the work done, I find myself looking like a shaved man with all my hair. The hairline of the forehead has been perfectly reconstructed, and it is impossible for anyone to think that it is a tattoo. The technique used achieves an excellent aesthetic result and a naturalness that I have only seen in smp from Men's Ink. The transparency and professionalism demonstrated at all stages by Debora (from the first meeting, to the first (temporary) pigmentation, to the successful consultations and now to the permanent pigmentation) I found exemplary. The result is undoubtedly outstanding. Congratulations.
Greetings from Alessio C.

Alessio CMP

After months and months of consideration, I decided to rely on Men's Ink.
I went in almost fearful, but immediately after the first session I realized that I was dealing with real outliers. Their Micro Point Shadow technique is hyper realistic. The results are incredible and I almost argued with friends and family who could not tell the difference between my few remaining hairs and the "drawn" ones.
Debora in addition to her professionalism conveyed to me all the passion she has for her work by making me a part of the result from time to time.
Now I feel much better about myself, and I am so happy to have put myself in their hands.

Stephen Balbo

What to say. If not 5 out of 5 stars!!!
I began to thin out, and I couldn't have chosen better professionals. Flawless work, 100% naturalness, precision and accuracy.
I searched for several months before I found them. There was no need to see their work live.
A few photos and videos were enough for me to rely on their hands, to the point of dragging even an uncle over 60 with me.
The attention to detail and their technique makes the work really unnoticeable, so real.
Maximum availability, hospitality, diplomacy and elasticity in scheduling dates...for a UNIQUE job.
I have regained more self-esteem, and for that I will be grateful. You have an art by trade.
Thank you Debora and Mirko

Graziano and Uncle

Graziano Cucchiara

I am satisfied with the result obtained, it is always a pleasure to find people who work seriously and professionally, elegant and clean environment 🔝

Ale Palazzo

Extrasensory experience. The Best scalp micropigmentation Worldwide.

Paride Lazzarotto

I performed smp with density effect, and I can be very satisfied. The filling is noticeable, but the effect is very natural; it does not look like a "tattoo" at all. Debora is sweet, kind, professional. He put me at ease right away, and followed me for months to achieve the desired level. I cannot say anything yet about the stability of the effect, but I will update the review over time.

Roberto Lunelio

Debora was most gracious and professional. The treatment does not hurt, top hygiene! Naturalistic result at its best. I wanted to be tidy all the time despite my baldness, and I solved it! Try it to believe.

Gaspare Di Salvo

At a time of great change in my life, I also considered scalp micropigmentation.
After quite a bit of research, I made the final decision and went to Milan.
Impeccable cleanliness leads the way, I found professionals who were able to explain everything thoroughly, and the quality of the work is perfect.
I can promote with flying colors without any doubt.

A hug, M.S.

Stephen Meloni

Very helpful and professional staff. The work was perfect and a year later I have really noticed little difference. I definitely recommend it to people who want to have this treatment because the value for money if not the best is definitely among the best you can find.

Alexander Oo

One month after the work performed on my husband, we can be more than satisfied, we strongly recommend Mens ink center. Thank you for the passion with which you work 🙂

Angela Corriandi

Extremely qualified and knowledgeable staff . I'm from Rome and take 3 hours by train to go and 3 hours to come back but it's worth it

Manuel M

I had permanent smp at this studio with Debora and the result was hyper-realistic and perfect
Super professional and reliable
Highly recommended!

Gianluca Della Malva

I am very pleased to share my experience at this scalp micropigmentation clinic located in Milan.
I performed the treatment with Debora Cetrulo, who I can consider an exceptional person on a human level, and on a professional level to say the least excellent in everything, very professional and prepared to the highest level.
The work done on myself is unbelievable, I feel like I have hair again, everyone complimented me, the work performed bordered on perfection.
Thank you so much to you , all STREPITUOUS!

Luke Luck

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